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Getting the Right Size

Arai Helmets

A better fitting and more comfortable helmet is a better performing helmet. Why? It keeps you more alert, better focused and therefore a better rider. Not just for a few moments but for hours and even days when you enjoy the unique thrill only a motorcycle has to offer. To achieve this perfect fit, different shaped outer shells and different inner shells are needed. Arai offers this incredible choice, complete with replaceable cheek pads and comfort liners for an even more customized fit. We offer so many fit options that it's almost impossible not to achieve a perfect custom fit for every rider.

Removing an Arai cheek padArai Cheek Pad

Your Arai helmet will only perform optimally when you wear the right size. Therefore, Arai strongly urges you to try on the actual Arai model and size helmet that you are considering buying. Why? Because things like the evolution of design technology, the changes in ECE requirements, and Arai's own changes and advancements over the years can result in a different feeling of the current version of the model and size you've always worn.

Different Arai models have a different fit due to a longer, intermediate or rounder oval shape of the inner and outer shell. For this reason, one model might fit you better than another, so try them all!

Start with measuring your head to get an idea of the size to look for: measure (in cm) the circumference across the forehead, above the eyes and ears and over the small bump at the back of the head, read the size where the tape joins.

Sizing Chart (cm)
XS - 53-54
S - 55-56
M - 57-58
L - 59-60
XL - 61-62
XXL - 63-64

Fit the measured size. Focus on your head size (crown fit) measurement first, e.g. the area contacted by a baseball caps' band. Do not be concerned with facial fit at this stage. When you can't get the helmet past your cheeks or jaws, do not think it's too small and reach for a bigger size. The helmet must fit your head!

How? Remove the cheek pads and try on helmet sizes until you get that snug crown fit. For the most comfort the interior must fit snugly all around the crown of your head. You should feel some pressure at all the contact points around the interior perimeter, too much pressure could become uncomfortable in the future.

Finally, Arai's optional cheek pad thicknesses, and on some models the replaceable interiors, can fine-tune your personal fit. All Arai cheek pads can be replaced with a size that better suits your facial structure. But this fit should be addressed only when the crown size is correct.

Besides the replaceable cheek pads, selected models feature the "Peel-away Cheek Pad Layer" and "Peel-away Temple Pad Layer". The pads of these models can be made thinner easily by removing a 5 mm thick peel-away layer for added room if needed.

In special cases, Arai helmets can be made to measure.

We offer up to 6 different sizes outer shells. Unlike many other manufacturers Arai provides one size outer shell for each two helmet sizes for most models, adding up to four outer shell sizes within limited models. Starting with XXXS (49-50) for really small heads up to XXXL (65-66) for really large heads. Most other manufacturers may struggle to reach three different sizes for their complete size range.

The advantage of using different shell sizes (instead of just one or two outer shells and the use of additional more or less foam padding to stretch the size range) is that of all helmets the inner shell and comfort material can always maintain the correct thickness for every size. This guarantees that all Arai helmets provide the same high graded protection. Also it is not by the likes of Arai to see a very small person with a rather big, ‘oversized' looking helmet. Besides this cosmetic disadvantage, it is also possible that wearing an extremely large helmet may cause possible added injury.

Besides the different shell sizes, another characteristic of Arai is the use of different shell shapes for different models. There is for instance the G-shell for a more rounded human head and the L-shell for longer narrower faces. Arai has even developed different shaped inner and different sizes outer shells for different continents! One for Europe, one for Asia and one for North and South America since there are significant differences in head shapes among these regions.