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The Arai Urban V is a classic retro-style open-face helmet rich in period details like traditional stitched faux leather edge trim and interior accents. Packed with modern technical features that enhance comfort and protection, like a stronger outer-shell silhouette and a (hidden) interior ventilation.

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  • Urban V Era

    Urban V Era

    A brand new open face helmet from Arai. Introducing the Arai Urban-V E...
  • Urban V Blitz

    Urban V Blitz

    The perfect choice for any riders who own a scooter owner or someone w...
  • Urban V Diamond White

    Urban V Diamond White

    The Arai Urban V helmet is handmade, insected five times and is also p...
  • Urban V modern Grey

    Urban V modern Grey

    The Arai Urban V is a Stylish open face helmet which is handmade to th...
  • Urban V Black

    Urban V Black

    This open face motorcycle helmet is suitable for riders who commute re...

8 Item(s)

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