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As with every Arai, the New Quantic is formed around protection first and foremost.

The Quantic offers a new fresh choice for riders that want the very best performance from a helmet – in terms of protection, comfort and ease of wear, day-in-day out – with zero compromise.

Modern touches, such as swage lines and new graphics means the Quantic is at the cutting edge of performance and style, and with official ECE R22.06 homologation, the Quantic reinforces Arai’s continued focus on safety and rider protection.

Manufactured by hand, the outer shell maintains core strength but with a substantial weight reduction. The smooth, round shape is a key Arai signature and primarily designed to ‘glance-off’ and spread impact forces, with our first fixed, dual purpose aerodynamic spoiler developed from our race helmets that increases stability and reduces buffeting at high speeds.

For easy access on and off the Quantic features a 5mm flare around the base and FCS cheek pads, with a new 3D logo vent system, complemented by brow vents in the VAS MAX vision visor.

With Arai’s experience and know-how earned over millions of road & track miles, the new Quantic is a premium helmet that slips through the air neatly and efficiently, wrapping its wearer in a cocoon of luxury.

All Day Comfort and Ventilation

Removable FCS Liner FCS (Facial Contour System) is present on the Arai Quantic, designed to better fit the face and enchance comfort. Made from an incredibly soft brished nylon, the interior feels extremely soft straight away, and is removable for easy cleaning
PB e-cLc Outer Shell The Quantic Shell is made from a Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction and is Arai’s lightest shell yet. It maintains the R75 shape for glancing off, and features new swage lines as well as a dedicated area for communications devices.
Dual Purpose Diffuser The diffuser on the Quantic serves two purposes. Firstly, it enhances aerodynamic performance, improving balance and stability at high speeds and in a variety of riding positions. Secondly, it serves as a channel for the interior ventilation.
Top Vents Allowing 11% more airflow than previous designs, the new top vents are designed to slide into position to make them easier to open and close with gloves. The sliding mechanism also prevents water ingress.
3D Logo Vent Immediately distinctive, the brand new 3D logo vent is possible thanks to the peripheral belt in the shell. Situated directly on the forehead, the vent sides to operate and directs air into the helmet, cooling the head.
Redesigned Chin Vent Like the ventilation elsewhere on the Quantic, the chin vent now slides into place to maintain ventilation while preventing water ingress. It also features a replaceable filter.

ECE R22.06 Safety Standard

Arai has been carrying out the new ECE R22.06 standard aims to replicate the effect of a real life accident by introducing more representative drop tests compared to ECE 22.05 - taking into account different anvils, speeds and impact positions, as well as demonstratable protection against neck twisting. Arai has been carrying out tests above the existing standard and will continue to develop our in house testing no matter what, as what we are seeking to protect is priceless.

12 Extra Drop Test Points

To more accurately measure the ability of a helmet to protect against an impact, additional drop points were included in a drop test

The Arai Standard

In addition to the ECE R22.06 standard, Arai’s in house standards require tests at higher speeds onto different surfaces - these are tests Arai introduced before ECE R22.06.

The ECE R22.06 standard also requires additional visor testing, including a 134mph impact test, and tests to ensure that accessories such as vents or spoilers do not adversely affect the impact tests. Arai has always made sure these additions break away in the event of an impact to preserve the smooth, R75 shape.