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Mixed fortunes for Luke Reade in second round of Mini Challenge series

Mixed fortunes for Luke Reade in second round of Mini Challenge series

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It was a weekend of mixed fortunes for Luke Reade in the second round of the Mini Challenge series. Here is what they had to say.


Round 2 of the Mini Challenge saw us arrive at Rockingham Speedway. 
Saturdays qualifying was not until the end of the day, so there was a lot of waiting about. 
Although it wasn’t raining the track was wet and it wasn’t going to dry out. 31 Minis took to the circuit, with Luke at the front, giving him the space to push straight away.Rockingham is hard on tyres and Luke set his best lap on lap 3, pretty much the same for everyone. Although not happy with his best lap it was still quick enough to put him 4th, very happy with that.

Race 1 -

Starting on the second row we knew we had a great chance of a podium. The start saw Luke loose a place off the line only to regain it at the first hair-pin and then another and another and push his way into 2nd place through the second corner. Then set to work trying to catch the leader, an accident caused a safety car which closed the pack up for a couple of laps. As the safety car pulled in the leader and Luke made fantastic starts, both pulling clear of the rest of the field. This is how the race finished with Luke taking his first Mini Challenge podium in a fine 2nd place.

Race 2 - 

For the second race the top 8 positions were reversed, putting Luke in 7th position. Even in 7th we were confident of a great race and would be looking to get on the podium again. At the start there was again another accident and again the safety car was deployed. On the restart Luke was gaining momentum flat out through the first corner when the car in front lost control and started to spin, Luke went high to try and avoid hitting him, only for the car to suddenly shoot backwards straight into Luke and sending him into the wall.....

I am very pleased to say both drivers were OK. Luke's a bit battered and bruised, but thankfully nothing is broken. Our car on the other hand has definitely looked better. Four weeks until the next round, we have our work cut out, that's for sure. 

A massive thank you as always to our team and sponsors, and everyone who has sent get well messages to Luke. 


We maybe down, but we are definitely not out.


Write up and images courtesy of Alex Reade