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Quick Overview

The CT-F has set the new standard in open face helmet technology. More protection, more comfort and a better fit thanks to new extended lower sides. But all this without affecting that feeling of freedom and the excellent view only an open face helmet can offer. First thing you notice on the brand new CT-F is the revolutionary new adjustable peak. The challenge was to design a peak with excellent aerodynamic properties, yet offering efficient protection against sunlight and offering a stunning look.


The Arai engineers succeeded to combine these requirements brilliantly. The large airstream opening between helmet and peak allows the air to pass under the peak and over the helmet. This largely prevents the annoying “grabbing” effect known of conventional peaks at highway speeds and offers aerodynamic stability. Thanks to the ”Dual Pivot” visor mechanism, the visor is allowed to flip up and back neatly under the peak at a very low height. The CT-F can be used in any combination of peak and shield, making it a truly versatile all round helmet. Another Arai breakthrough in advanced helmet technology is FCS, short for “Facial Contour System”. The FCS cheek pads offer an integrated “spring” action. This makes putting the helmet on easier with less effort needed. With FCS the cheek pad wraps under the jawbone and on the cheekbones instead of mostly on the soft cheek area. Although the fit feels looser, FCS actually offers secure support over a larger area providing superior stability and comfort with minimal pressure. The new “Peel Away” pads offer thin surface pads that can be removed from the headliner as well as the top surface of booth cheek pads to achieve the best possible, personal fit and minimize the need to purchase additional padding. These features make the CT-F the perfect choice for a wide range of riders. Touring, motor scooter and professional riders alike will appreciate the added comfort and futuristic looks of the new CT-F.

  • Outer shell SFL (Super Fibre Laminate)
  • Dual intake ventilation
  • One piece rear exhaust
  • Neck and side vent exhausts
  • Replaceable ear cups
  • Extended sides for extra protection
  • Hyper ridge reinforces and adds strength
  • Facial contour system
  • Washable interior


Additional Information

ColourPearl Black - White
SizeXS/54 - XL/62