Arai Isle of Man 2017 Range



The Isle of Man TT is just around the corner and Arai has released their 2017 IOM limited edition helmet and new IOM visor stickers.

Arai has a long-standing partnership with the Isle of Man races and is the preferred helmet brand for the TT, the first helmet created alongside the TT was in 2007 to commemorate 100 years of racing and since then Arai has designed a limited edition helmet every year.

All the IOM TT helmets have been uniquely designed by Aldo Drudi an Italian designer who combines the essential Manx symbols such as the three-legged Triskelion and the original TT logo into a stylish and different design every time.

The IOM TT 2017 helmet uses the RX-7V base model, this full faced helmet is top of the range in the motorcycle field and offers features such as a completely new PB-SNC outer shell which reinforces the Carbon Fibre outer shell the system was originally designed for Formula 1 helmets and consists of a strengthening belt across the helmet to give the helmet more strength and stiffness all together making the helmet more protective.

The RX-7V also includes the latest VAS visor system which is a completely new shield system with a mechanism invented with the sole purpose of eliminating this intrusion into the test area allowing the shell along the test line at the temples to be made smoother. The new smoother shape is the next generation that aims to further improve on the original mission.

The original mission is the R75 which is all about the capacity of a helmet to glance off obstacles and to slide across uneven surfaces, to minimize the chance of being caught by obstacles Arai refer to this attribute as “glancing off”.

The Isle of man 2017 helmet is exclusively available at Crossan’s Motorcycles at the TT circuit and there are a limited number of helmets that have been made.

The helmet is available in sizes between XS and XL and retails at £775.

click here to view the IOM 2017 helmet 

Can’t get your hands on the IOM Helmet?

Why not check out the 2017 IOM visor stickers which are designed to fit any Arai helmet within the set of two you get one for each side of the visor, the stickers are designed to not block out any angles of sight and fit perfectly in the corners of the visor.

The isle of Man stickers retail at £5 per set and are available Here

Arai also still have IOM visor stickers available from 2014 and 2015 as well as our F13K Cancer charity visor stickers these can be brought Here as well as some other Arai accessories.