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RST Badging Service


Large chest:
Small chest right:
Small chest left:
Upper right arm:
Upper left arm:
Right fore arm:
Left fore arm:
Right leg front:
Left leg front:


Large back:

Total: £

Price list (per badge):

Front; Large chest: £30; Small Chest £10, Upper arm £10, Forearm £20; Front leg £15, Zipper £10; Back; Hump: £15, Large back: £30, Bum: £30

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Please Read

  • Only RST products can be badged
  • Only logos images, etc, supplied by the customer can be used
  • Brand logos above are used to provide an example
  • Our badges are printed straight onto a high quality, hardwearing and waterproof material, no need for plastic covers here, so can be easily wiped over with cleaning products
  • The above tool is to be used as a guide, if you require something different please ask
  • You must have any necessary permissions to use any logo you wish to have applied to the suit
  • Artwork must be supplied in a suitable size and resolution for use
  • Cover charge of £50 per order includes return carriage
  • Prices subject to change and could vary depending on size of badges
  • Once design is confirmed and agreed any subsequent changes could incur extra charges as could studio time if required
  • Suit not included

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