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RST About Us

RST can trace it’s history back to 1988, with a simple idea, to produce a range of motorcycle clothing that offered exceptional value and quality combined with cutting edge design and style. RST started with a range of gloves and has built over the years into not only the UK’s number one, but also a globally recognised brand offering all types of motorcycle clothing.

Jonny Towers had started developing a new range of Rhino branded black leather clothing, he told us “I thought there was a need for a range of good looking, affordable quality products. I’d go to bike meets and see riders stood about in really badly fitting suits, most riders can’t afford brands like Alpinestars or Dainese but I didn’t see why an affordable suit should fit badly. I set out to create a range of products that looked good, worked well and offered good value. Rhino evolved into Rhino Sport, then we added ‘Technology’ to the name and it became RST. It grew from there and the business has gone from strength to strength with some very difficult years within the industry. We’ve managed to grow the company, year on year and have reinvested in technology and built showrooms to benefit the company, we’ve invested in bar coding systems, order picking technology, the warranty and race department etc. It’s grown and grown”. So who is behind RST? “There are three people involved in developing the brand, myself, Chris Walker (the designer) and Rob Swinbank (technical development) so we have a three pronged development team. We’re all motorcyclists, we all ride and products are developed and used on the road, on track days and in racing, so it works really well. With RST we sit down in January every year and start developing the following years collection, we never let up. You can never ease up because there’s always somebody just behind you, that’s the philosophy behind the company really.” 

RST’s core values remain the same, and this philosophy and history can be seen in every RST product. All RST’s products are designed and developed out of our HQ in Derbyshire, England. We test all of our products ourselves and do an enormous amount of road and track miles every year to ensure we are happy to add every new product to the RST range.

Whether its developing our own armour system “RST Contour Plus”, sourcing new and unique materials, thread or zips, or producing innovative products, if there is a better way to do something the RST team is always striving to push forward and improve. That’s why RST is the most heavily represented brand in the British Superbike paddock, and had has World Championships with Andrew Pitt (who still remains part of the RST development team) and multiple national champions in the UK, Australia and South Africa.